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PG 148

General Summary: A 4-koma series about a unique family and their ridiculous adventures. Exaggerated Summary: One drunk young perverted male adult, one mother-like genius male teenager, and one non-emotional straight forward female kid make up a small family and try to live the normal life, but due to their pasts and connections, it's prety difficult to accomplish. 8D Summary from Mangabullet: Two best friends and a bizarre, indifferent little girl make up a family in a small room of a Japanese apartment. Due to their pasts, their misadventures are taken in different places, and together, they try to unintentionally defeat their enemies in a comedic way while continuing their daily lives. Updated every 2-3 days! Back-Up Site for: [Some pages of BAKAZOKU! on Smackjeeves may have terrible quality compared to BAKAZOKU! on Mangabullet.]


July 30th, 2011, 3:56 pm


Info For This LOL

Hi! Just saying this is a back-up site for my webcomic, BAKAZOKU! It's constantly being updated at so you can read it there also.
Thanks for reading!


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